Pinner Extension

Glass Box Extension

Our brief for this glass box extension in Pinner was to open-up the space with a new dining room. Our clients wanted clear views out to the courtyard garden, and to make this feel part of the house. The site was tight because it was hemmed in by walls on two sides. So it was especially important to design an extension that would bring lots of natural light in to the house.

Conservation Area

Even in a Conservation Area it is possible to win approval for good modern design. Our design for the glass box made a clear distinction between the old and new parts of the building. And the glass box itself was small in scale compared with the house.

The extension works well at both day and night time. The structural opening up of the house creates a spacious dining room, and the glass box feels part of the same space. We planned the space to include a living area at the far end of the plan, with a fin wall dividing the rooms. The dining room works well for entertaining, and the living area gives a more relaxed feel.

Lighting and Details

Lighting a space with a glass box extension can be difficult due to the lack of walls and ceilings so we gave extra care to this. Double recessed light fixtures mean that light can be angled in different directions to make sure there are no dark spots. A modern pendant light fixture hangs over the dining table, in glass to match the extension.

The entire ground floor of the house was refurbished as part of the project. We chose a light tone natural stone floor tile to give a clean look to the space. We used a darker grey tile on the exterior, and clad the garden wall in red cedar timber boards. The exterior is softened with planing that is illuminated at night, which reduces internal reflections on the glass and makes the space feel larger. The sitting area at the far end of the room has glass doors out on to a patio space with a small area for external dining.

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