Northwood Extension

House Renovation

Our clients called us to transform the ground floor of their 4 storey town house in Northwood. This had been their family home for more than 15 years, during which time their children had grown up and left home for university. This left our clients with less need for storage space, and the chance to re-plan the house for their use as a couple. So, the idea behind the project was to convert and extend the ground floor of the house. And to make a fantastic master bedroom space opening on to a beautiful garden.

The ground floor of the house was completely refurbished. This included for structural opening-up and converting the garage and utility room. Also refurbishing the entrance hall, re-planning the existing staircase, extending the ground floor footprint. And finally constructing a new terrace in the garden. The master bedroom suite was designed to create a calm and peaceful room, with a large ensuite bathroom. There is also a separate space to sit with a coffee and the papers in the morning.

Glass Box Extension

The house is in a quiet residential road in Northwood, North West London with a beautiful garden that we wanted to make the most of. The design opens up the back of the house and adds a glass box extension with sliding glass doors. The bedroom is extended in to the glass box with a place to sit that feels part of the garden. At night a blind that is built in to the ceiling can be lowered to give privacy. During the day the glass box floods the space with light.

Resin Floor

Inside the house, the entire ground floor was broken out and replaced with a new insulated reinforced concrete floor slab. This has under-floor heating, and gives a level, warm floor to the whole space. The new floor finish is a beautiful seamless resin to the entire ground floor. The resin is very slightly soft to the touch, is hard-wearing and also easy to clean. It has no joints so flows seamlessly between the rooms.

Interior Design

The resin floor continues in to the new master en-suite bathroom. This works as a wet room with large walk-in shower and frameless glass screens. The bedroom has been designed with banks of full height storage for hanging clothes and to give great storage space. Our client’s own artwork has been incorporated in to each of the rooms to complete the spaces.

Staircase Design

The existing front door was replaced with a new modern double door in solid oak. And a glass side panel that helps to bring light in to the hallway. The existing staircase was removed and replaced with a new architectural stair design. The new stair has open treads and risers, and a glass balustrade to maximise light and transparency within the space.


The design also creates a separate access to the garden from the hall. A separate glass door links the garden with the hallway so that access from the bedroom remains private. The hallway is fitted with a large bespoke piece of joinery along the length of the space. This is so that coats and shoes can be easily hidden away and stored. Storage was important and so lots of different joinery items were designed to fit within the spaces.

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