N6 Extension

Living and Dining Extensions

Our clients asked us to design an extension to their Victorian terraced house on a steeply sloping site opposite Queens Wood in Highgate. The existing house had a kitchen located deep within the plan and a dining space at the rear that didn’t connect well with the garden. Being on a steeply sloping site and with internal levels stepping down, the flow of space was restricted.

We explored several different extension design ideas and options with our client who chose our double storey design. This fulfilled their brief to connect the living, dining and kitchen areas of the house and also provided an additional play space.

N6 Extension Plan

Our design unifies the ground floor of the house by allowing a single change in level between the front room and the rear. This made efficient use of the existing hallway and stair arrangement. New joinery to provide coats and shoe storage shaped the front room which was otherwise largely preserved, and new internal glass windows were inserted to visually connect with the rear main living and dining spaces. This also allowed light to flow from front to rear.

Woodland Views

By unifying the ground floor space our design creates a fantastic framed view of the woodland beyond. Very tall sliding slim-line doors were used to fully celebrate this great view and maximise light in to the house. An external balcony area extends the floor plate seamlessly and creates a sun lit spot to sit and relax.

Light and Space

A frameless glass roof travels along the side of the extension to fill the space with light. ‘Pigmento’ VMZinc cladding was chosen in a reddish-brown uniform colour to compliment the terraced garden setting; creating a modern design statement as well as a maintenance-free elevation.

The triangular shape of the balcony generates the right amount of seclusion and light to the play room below and hugs an existing brick wall of the neighbouring property. Simple hooks for a hammock were added to the underside of the balcony, making the lower patio the perfect place to hang out and relax.

N6 Planning Approval

The discreet nature of the design with new sunken level and high quality metal cladding met with conservation area rules and Haringey’s planning policy. Tall, 3m high ceiling heights and glazed doors at the rear create a bright and spacious kitchen and dining room. A frameless glass roof steps down to the boundary with the neighbouring property which ensured that tight planning criteria were able to be met without compromising the size of the main living space.

Bespoke Stair

Our design for a new metal staircase provides access from the main living and dining space to the new play space and garden. Glass balustrading is clamped between orange painted metalwork which continues as a band to trim glass balustrading to the ground floor. The stair is positioned under a new frameless glass roof above. Open treads allow light to pass down to the play room below and a timber finish to the surface of each tread continues the timber floor that extends throughout and between ground and lower ground level.

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