Muswell Hill Extension

Kitchen Extension

Our clients wanted an extension to their house in Muswell Hill to create a brighter kitchen. The kitchen was seen as the most important part of their home. Our brief was that the new space should be able to be used for cooking, relaxing and dining.

Our design fills the space with natural light to give a bright and spacious feel. Our plan includes two large glass roof lights over the kitchen, and a high level strip of glazing over the living area. This is possible as we lowered the floor level in the room, which also gives a great ceiling height.

Open Plan Living Zones

Our design is split clearly in to 3 zones, cooking, relaxing, dining, to meet the brief. We designed the dining area to be in the extension, which has wide sliding glass doors. In the summer these can be opened for dining on the patio outside. We gave special care to the lighting design to make sure that the space would be as well-lit at night as during the day. We planned hidden LED lights around the edges of the high ceilings that give a warm background glow. The kitchen was designed in a very modern high gloss grey finish, which looks great but is also very tough. The work top is in white Corian and is designed to turn down to form the edge of the kitchen island.

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