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Westminster House Renovation

A Full House Refurbishment was completed for clients who wished to renovate and re-plan their new home in Westminster. The original house was in need of extensive work and had numerous small rooms. After discussing the brief with the clients and exploring various design options, plans were developed for a more open ground floor and well-proportioned upper floors. All internal walls, floors, and the original staircase were removed to make way for a new design that included re-positioning the staircase and adding a rear extension to increase living space on the ground floor. The end result is a crisp and clean refurbishment and extension that met the clients’ needs and left them satisfied.

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To fulfill the clients’ desire for a bright living space and better use of the small garden, a single-storey extension was added with glass sliding doors and a large roof light that provides ample daylight. To maintain privacy from the tall flats at the back of the house, triple electric blinds were installed that can be controlled remotely.

The house is situated in a prime Conservation Area of Westminster, which can make obtaining Planning Permission challenging. However, with expert knowledge of conservation area rules, the extension design was approved on the first attempt. The modern design at the rear of the house blends well with the traditional appearance at the front.

A continuous tiled finish was created from inside to outside to maintain a seamless threshold between the interior and patio. Large openable doors provide a free-flowing and connected space. To add warmth to the small garden space, timber cladding was used to wrap the garden walls. At night, the wood is lit up to create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Custom-made wardrobes were installed in the master bedroom on the first floor, made from warm wood with an oak interior and paint finish on the outside. By removing all the floors of the house, new floors were inserted at a lower level to create height for a loft room. The room is illuminated with three new conservation-style roof lights that can be controlled remotely. The whole house is fitted with high-quality LED lights, which have a striking effect in the loft room as they wash the ceilings with light. Custom-made cupboards were installed into eaves spaces for additional storage. The architectural design of the new loft room is bright and airy with glass stairs and crisp white walls.



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