Queens Wood Extension Exterior

Barnet House Extension

We have successfully transformed a terraced house in Barnet with a sleek, modern single-storey extension. The extension boasts a dark bronze perforated metal cladding finish, which is backlit at night to stunning effect. Inside, the extension is connected to the outside space by a large glass pivot door. A new roof light over the dining area floods the room with natural daylight.

We were able to secure planning permission from Barnet by keeping the extension height below the existing brick party wall and setting it in from the boundary line. The materials used in the extension design are a blend of reclaimed bricks and modern metal cladding, in a dark bronze colour that complements the existing house.

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Concrete floors and walls in a neutral tone add a touch of sophistication to the space. The kitchen island features the same material as the floors and rear wall, while the floor surface is lightly polished with a matte finish. The landscape design has also been updated, with a new lawn and bronze edge patio that follows the curve of the pivot door swing.

In addition to the rear extension, we opened up the back of the house to create a single large room. The kitchen sits neatly to one side, leaving ample space around the kitchen island. The dining table takes pride of place by the large glass pivot door, offering beautiful views of the new garden.

We chose the metal cladding carefully to ensure a modern appearance that would still blend seamlessly with the existing house. The dark bronze colour of the cladding complements the red brickwork and chimney pots, while reclaimed bricks were used for the party wall. The cladding splays as it touches the ground and turns into a canopy overhead to frame the space. During the day, the metal reflects the sky and tree shadows, while at night, the perforations of the cladding are illuminated, creating a warm glow over the outdoor dining area and patio.



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