Barnet Extension

Single Storey Extension

We have transformed the back of this terraced house in Barnet with a modern single storey rear extension. The extension is finished in a dark bronze perforated metal cladding and is backlit at night. The inside and outside spaces are connected with a large glass pivot door, and a large new roof light over the dining area means that there is lots of natural day light in the room.

Planning Approval

To get planning permission from Barnet we have kept the height of the extension below the existing brick party wall. And on the other side it is set in from the boundary line which helped to get planning approval. The materials used in the extension design are a mix of reclaimed bricks and modern metal cladding, in a dark bronze colour that works well with the existing house.

Extension Design

The floors and rear wall are cast concrete in a neutral tone, which is also used on the kitchen island. The floor surface is lightly polished but with a matt finish. Externally the landscape has been redone including a new lawn to the garden and a bronze edge to the patio that follows the curve of the pivot door swing.

As well as the rear extension, the plans for this project involved opening up the back of the house in to a single large room. We’ve planned the kitchen to sit neatly to the side of the space with lots of room around the kitchen island. The dining table takes prime position by the large glass pivot door with views out on to the new garden.

Perforated Metal Cladding

The choice of metal cladding was carefully made so that the extension has a modern appearance, but one that was comfortable set with the existing house. The colour of the metal works well with the red brickwork and chimney pots, while reclaimed bricks are used for the party wall.

The cladding splays as it touches the ground and turns in to a canopy overhead to frame the space. During the day the metal reflects the sky and shadows of the trees. But at night the perforations of the cladding are illuminated, that gives a warm glow to the outdoor dining area and patio

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