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Building a rural home under Paragraph 80 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires careful consideration and planning. Paragraph 80 allows for the construction of a new dwelling in the countryside if it meets certain criteria such as:

  • the provision of an exceptional design,
  • high sustainability standards,
  • and a need for rural workers or people with strong rural ties.

This blog post will guide you through the process of designing and planning a rural home under Paragraph 80, providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Paragraph 80 House Exterior

Planning Approval

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Finding A Site

The first step in designing and planning a rural home under Paragraph 80 is to find a site, and conduct a thorough site analysis to make sure that it is suitable for planning. This involves assessing the site’s location, topography, orientation, and ecological value.

The analysis will help you understand the constraints and opportunities of the site and inform the design process. If this is your first paragraph 80 project involving an architect owith paragraph 80 experience will be invaluable.

Paragraph 80 Planning Approval

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When choosing a site for a rural home, it is important to consider its location. Paragraph 80 requires that the site must be located outside of existing settlements and designated areas of outstanding natural beauty or national parks. The site should also be well-connected to local amenities and services, such as shops, schools, and healthcare facilities.



The topography of the site will also influence the design of the rural home. The site’s slope, contours, and aspect will affect the placement and orientation of the building, as well as the design of the landscaping and outdoor spaces.

Paragraph 80 House Landscape

Paragraph 80 Site Analysis

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The orientation of the building is crucial for maximizing natural light and minimizing energy consumption. The building’s orientation should take into account the sun’s path, prevailing winds, and views from the site.


Ecological Value:

The ecological value of the site must also be considered, as Paragraph 80 requires that the development must not harm the natural environment. The site may contain important habitats, such as woodlands, hedgerows, or wetlands, which must be protected and enhanced.

Paragraph 80 House Design

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Design Principles:

Once you have completed the site analysis, you can begin to develop the design principles for your rural home under Paragraph 80. The design principles should reflect the site’s context, respond to the local vernacular, and meet the criteria of exceptional design and sustainability.


  • Context:
    The design of the rural home should respond to the context of the site and surrounding landscape. The building’s form, materials, and colours should be sympathetic to the local vernacular and reflect the rural character of the area.
  • Exceptional Design:
    Paragraph 80 requires that the design of the rural home must be exceptional. This means that the building should be innovative, high-quality, and visually striking. The design should demonstrate a clear understanding of the site’s context and respond creatively to the challenges and opportunities of the site.
  • Sustainability:
    The sustainability of the rural home is also a key consideration under Paragraph 80. The building should be designed to achieve high levels of energy efficiency, minimize carbon emissions, and reduce water consumption. The use of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or ground-source heat pumps, should also be considered.

How To Get Planning

applying for planning approval


Planning Application:

Once you have developed the design principles for your rural home under Paragraph 80, you can begin the planning application process. The planning application must demonstrate that the proposed development meets the criteria of Paragraph 80 and that exceptional design and sustainability standards have been achieved.


Planning Statement:

The planning application should include a planning statement that sets out the design principles, sustainability strategy, and ecological enhancements proposed for the development. The planning statement should also explain how the proposed development meets the criteria of Paragraph 80 and demonstrates exceptional design quality.



During the planning application process, it is important to consult with the local community, stakeholders, and planning authority. This will help to ensure that the proposed development is sensitive to the local context and meets the needs of the community.


Design and Planning

paragraph 80 houses



Designing and planning a rural home under Paragraph 80 requires careful consideration, creativity, and sustainability. By conducting a thorough site analysis, developing clear design principles, and engaging in the planning application process, you can create a high-quality, sustainable, and beautiful rural home that meets the needs of the community and respects the natural environment.


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